Dr. Arvind kumar tiwari
Dr. Arvind kumar tiwari
Dr. Arvind kumar tiwari
Dr. Arvind kumar tiwari

Dr. Arvind kumar tiwari

B. H.M.S. (agra) || Specialist in Chronic diseases

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Yogbindu Homeopathic Clinic


  • Specialist in Chronic diseases (पुरानी बीमारी)
  • Kidney Stone
  • Skin diseases
  • Piles & anal fissure
  • Hypertension, Gallstones,
  • Eczema, Infertility
  • Warts, Bronchitis,
  • Cerebrospinal Rhinorrhea, 
  • Skin Diseases, Herpes,
  • Peptic Ulcer, Asthma, 
  • Ulcerative Colitis, Pneumonia,
  • Migraine, Blepharospasm, 
  • Cancer Treatment, Cirrhosis of Liver, Epilepsy, 
  • Osteoporosis, Haemangioma,
  • Pancreatitis, Brain Tumour,
  • Hair Loss, Uterine Fibroid, Paralysis & Sarcoidosis

Yogbindu Homeopathic Clinic is owned by Dr. Arvind Kumar Tiwari who is an experienced multi-specialist homoeopathic doctor in Ballia,Uttar Pradesh, India. The doctor has successfully treated patients suffering from severe acute and chronic health issues across the Ballia. His expertise lies in providing you with a permanent cure. Each year, thousands of patients across the Ballia take treatment from Yogbindu Homeopathic Clinic. He offers effective and evidence-based homoeopathic solutions to various acute & chronic disorders.”

Homeopathy treats genitically.

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Our clinic is ergonomically designed keeping the patients comfort in mind. All patients are assured of the best service in a very non-stressful ambiance and thorough attention is paid to hygiene and sanitation.

Healthcare is simplified like never before! With our rich knowledge and experience, be assured of quality healthcare and best medical service.


Dr. Arvind kumar tiwari

B. H.M.S. (agra) || Classical homeopath

Kuwar singh chauraha, Anand hotel wali gali me, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India

Mobile: 9453770203 || 9628800003


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